Dallas Star Larry Hagman, Dead Of Cancer, 81

  Dallas Star Larry Hagman, Dead Of Cancer, 81. Another great icon has passed, RIP Larry Hagman. Larry Hagman played the infamous schemer of all schemers, J.R. Ewing. See how TNT will handle his loss with the second season première airing on TNT network January 28th.

Elementary S1 E5- First Instincts And The Angel Of Death

  With each episode Season one of Elementary’s Sherlock Holmes has “baited” me. This episode grabbed my attention when the Angel of Death is found to be walking the halls of a New York City  hospital. Instinctively from the start Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller of Eli Stone and Dexter fame) sniffs out murder like a…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry Of Life Where You Least Expect It

Geometry the building blocks of life. I see it everywhere especially in the architecture of buildings. Angles, circles, points, and lines (intersecting, perpendicular-man these lines can get crazy) are really nothing alone. But together they can become something magnificent. Here are some magnificent examples of geometry.

The Journey Home: Halloween German Style

Ever since Halloween was introduced to Germany in 1994 by a German businessman, Halloween has become a $245 billion business. Pretty good, for a holiday that isn’t traditionally European. Yep, my last year here I was going to dress up for Halloween. I have had other Halloweens here but I never dressed up.  I usually…