Scaled castle ruins of Kallmunz castle. (Kallmunz, Germany) Photo by Budom of Brouhaha Access
Scaled castle ruins of Kallmunz castle. (Kallmunz, Germany) Photo by Budom of Brouhaha Access

 Learning is something we do as soon as we leave the womb, and we continue to learn until our death, making a full circle in life.  Brouhaha-Access takes learning a step further by encouraging people to go beyond learning by taking time to teach others what we have learned.There is always something out there to learn no matter your age. Once you have the knowledge, then doing something about it, you can make all the difference



People Participants at Tidepool Digital Photo ...
People Participants at Tidepool Digital Photo Walk at Hazard Canyon, Montana de Oro State Park (Photo credit: mikebaird)









With technology so advanced many no longer take time to become a part of the world and stay glued to their couches in front of the television. Brouhaha-Access is a place where people can go to learn something and then go out there and be a part of the world. We live in a wonderful place and we shouldn’t limit ourselves to only what we know. Click on the “Points of Interest” heading for interesting news. I hope to see more people learning, teaching, doing then taking control of their world and become a part of it.

Always looking to learn,

Busanee “Budom” Dominguez

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