Supernatural or Madness: The Living and the Dead.

I found this show on the PBS channel and my love of the supernatural would not let me pass up the chance to see how supernatural the storyline might be. Let me clarify, while I am intrigued by the paranormal, I don’t enjoy cheap parlor tricks or weird diversion which does not help in creating the supernatural effect in a film. The Living and the Dead did a great job and keeping me at the edge of my seat whose story is told in six episodes.

‘Fury’ -“The Best Job I Ever Had”

“The best job I ever had.”– Sgt. Don ‘Wardaddy’ Colier from the movie Fury directed by David Ayer         I just returned from the theatre from watching ‘Fury’, which premiered Friday October 17th, and according to Variety is suspected to pull in 25 million dollars by the finish of this weekend. Some may think that ‘Fury’ is just another war movie, and maybe it is. But to the men who has served those tanks in a war this movie tells their story. Fury, a WWII movie focuses on the decisive… Read More

Call Me King Trailer- What Do You Want To Know?

Hi Brouhahas…I need your help. Check out this trailer and let me know if you recognize any of the actors here. Now, if you had a chance to ask the director some questions about the movie, what would they be? Hints: There are some pretty well known actors here, one actor appeared in GI Joe: Retaliation along with The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson and Channing Tatum. He played part of the Cobra Secret Service and is also a producer for this film Call Me King. A lead character in this film is… Read More

Coiled-Through The Eyes Of Director Tim French

The Shakespearean definition of “coiled” is described as the troubles and activities of the world. Coiled, a new drama directed by screenplay writer and director Tim French, can be described in this way. Coiled is the story of a man named, Cobb Mills (Hoyt Richards) who carries the weight of guilt in the death of his daughter Tess, seven years before. On the anniversary of Tess’s death Cobb returns to the small sleepy town to leave flowers at her grave stone then heads for home. However, this year will be different as… Read More

ParaNorman On DVD Nov 27, Pre-ordering Avail Now

ParaNorman On DVD Nov 27, Pre-ordering Avail Now. Click on this link to find out more about this zombie comedy.

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