Houston Adventures: It all started when…

    It has been too long since my fingers have told the stories of my recent #adventures. Life can have many distractions, and time being a fickle creature can slip away before we even realize it. In my last travel series The Journey Home, I had found myself in the middle of Texas. The part of Texas I ended up in was the Texas one might imagine it Texas to be. One could find small rolling hills and lovely Bluebells that encompassed ranches and empty fields stretching farther than the eye could… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge- Signs: A Matter of Life

Signs are everywhere in life. Some signs are physical and tangible like when you want to head to a business or take a road trip reading the passing signs to count off the minutes before you arrive to your destination. Some signs are more personal like signs for answered prayers, the plant you finally grew without killing it, or the sign of the rising or setting of the sun letting you know you’re alive. There are signs that your relationship is over, or you need to move on to the next step…. Read More

Apple Recruits University Of Houston Students For At Home Advisors

Recently my state of employment has given me a new status titled ” job hunter.” I have been introduced to the challenges and opportunities that are part of the job hunting foray. As I eye each job or corporation seeking people to fill their empty spots, I find a diamond in the rough. While searching through Fortune 500 companies that use Flexjobs.com to help fill their positions, I am often on the look out for employment possibilities for others. Flexjobs.com specializes in telecommuting, remote/work at home jobs, but has plenty of location… Read More

Finally Jumping on the Twitter Bandwagon

Follow me on Twitter @BuDom score cool readings at Brouhaha Access blog site. Check me out then click follow. 😉 pic.twitter.com/GlMTX8zgwc — Busanee Dominguez (@BuDom) July 10, 2014 I am finally at a point where I am comfortable to work on my first love; being creative. I loved the fact that creativity could make work less boring and more productive. I am back once again taking on the roll as novelist, blogger, and social media lover. P.S. Pass this information on. Ciao  

In Constant Dream State

Ever since I was a child I have always been a big daydreamer. My imagination would run wild and it didn’t help that I loved watching shows such as Sesame Street and the Electric Company (Remember this? HEY YOU GUYS!!!). These shows promoted imagination like it was a prescription drug that would cure-all your woes. When I grew older and in my late teens a friend of mine would comment, “Bu, you’re an idealist and I am a realist.” I would laugh at this and I suppose that is why we balance each other… Read More

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