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Check out this link for more cultural experiences of the 2012 Hohenfel’s German-american folks Fest.

Livorno, Italy

This photo was taken during my summer visit to Livorno, Italy. the city lies between the more famous towns of Florence and Pisa.

 Church in the city of Nürnberg, Germany

I chaperoned a field trip here with my son’s architecture and design class. The buildings in Germany are very old. Many have stood through WWI and WWII.

This photo was taken by Carissa Anderson at Hohenfel’s 138th Annual German-American Folks Fest 2012.

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  1. Thanks for your experience James! I had to laugh at some of the descriptions because I do agree with them. I am going to have to remember about all the advertising on TV there. It will be weird seeing them as I haven’t had to watch commercials for five years.

    • Bu the Advertisments will be all over the place when you get States side. Especially at the Air Port

  2. Hi, I’m James
    I just moved back from Germany this past Early January. For me personally it was easy to adjust because I had lived in Colorado before. But I did suffer from culture shock. One incident on the way to the Hotel from Denver International Air Port We stopped at a Wendy’s. I haven’t eaten there for 3 years so when I went to go order my food I did it in German then realized what I did. The lady at the counter had a good laugh when I explained my mistake. The very next day I turn on the TV and was bombarded with aggressive advertisements. I should have expected this one but I didn’t through out the day I was just overwhelmed by all the adds I saw. That resulted in going to bed a little earlier than normal with Jet Lag in consideration. Something that I did notice in Colorado is that there are more accidents a day then what you hear about in the German New Channels. I really don’t like this because drivers are stupid here it’s as if people are a danger to themselves. Sure you here the occasional accident on the autobahn or somebody driving on the wrong side of the road because the roads arn’t lit very well at the on Ramps in Germany. But as I was saying There are more idiots on the road than I expected. Just recently I was a victim in a Hit and run accident. Somebody hit my car while I was at work and I didn’t know until the next morning. Apparently it happens a lot here.

    One thing about getting a drivers license that I knew about but was surprised is that it’s really easy to get a license in Colorado. I was expecting the test to be hard. No it was easy. They didn’t even make me Parallel Park. But for my age I got my Permit then 3 months or so later I got my license after I got my job.

    This bring s me to my next culture experience. It’s incredibly hard to get a job here in the States. Why? Because our Political leaders over the years made mistakes and now we are suffering for it. I’m not going to get into that issue. Now compared to Germany. After you graduate you have the option of going to a German High School then in which you can continue to get a college degree. Or you can get into a trade and start and apprenticeship. Here in the states it’s much easier because if you want to go to college you either Graduate or you get your GED. But Getting a Job the minimum age is 14 for some places but 16 for most jobs. I work at Arby’s that is owned by the Federal Government so I get a better Pay Check than somebody at a Regular Arby’s. But I had to job hunt for about 6 months before I landed my job. It think it’s much easier to get a job in Germany depending on your nationality and if you live by a military base.

    But the biggest culture shock of all is the politics of the US and how the media scrutinizes the story. I don’t like it and it’s can be very misleading at time. At Other times it can be useful to a degree. Right now we have the 2012 election campaigns underway. These campaigns are so frustrating because of the adds and Political hatred wide spread across the country. That is another reason why I want to go back to German.

    There is a lot but of all, One would expect to see really fat people all over the place anywhere in the USA. However I live in Colorado. People are more conscious of their health. Sure you may see somebody really fat but I haven’t really encounter much of that. I guess this would be a bit of a shock because of how the world portrays Americans as.

    It was easy for me to adapt to life back in the states because I moved around a lot anyways, such as from large town near the city to a place out in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of Red Necks and so on. I have adapted to one extreme to another but there will always be something that will surprise me.

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