DP Challenge- Kids In Adult-Oriented Places

Take kids where they want to be.

Kids can be a blessing until you’re at the movies and a wail breaks out during the most significant part of the film. Should children be allowed in adult orientated places?

Well, it is adult-oriented, meaning there is a possibility you are putting your child in a non rated G environment. Kids will be kids, and they will go where adults take them, but it doesn’t mean they should be there (or even want to be there for that matter). Adults need to decide if it’s the right thing to do by bringing a child into an adult environment.

I have four children myself . Yes, I brought them to nice restaurants, museums, and places where the adult to kid ratio wasn’t exactly balanced. But then I made sure that my children did not act disruptive. If I was going to put my children and others in this situation, I had to take responsibility for my children.

Parents, if you want to take your children to something that has little to do with children be ready to make an early departure. I don’t feel it’s fair to force my children on others when they are expecting a kid free area. Plus, adults sometimes say and do things that aren’t  proper for kids to see or hear.

It’s all on the parent. Use your better judgement if you must have your kids tag along. Sometimes your kid might not even want to hang out in an adult orientated place. It’s boring because there is nothing there geared to keep your kids occupied.

Why not? Because the place was most likely not expecting to have to entertain children. There are many kid friendly places to bring your kids to. Besides every mom and dad needs a little adult time, to appreciate family time.

8 Comments on “DP Challenge- Kids In Adult-Oriented Places

  1. It is on the parents and I agree that adult movies are not for kid. However, sometimes the babysitter doesn’t show up or those other outings…

    • You’re right. Sometimes a babysitter is not able to be there. I do not mind children in places such as museums, theaters, and such as long as the parents has taught the child how to behave out in public. Children are not going to be perfect and a little outburst or squirming here is not what I am talking about, but the true chaotic outbursts that disrupt the program for everyone adults and children alike.

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  5. I so agree. I particularly disapprove of people taking chi;dren to see movies that are not rated G, or PG depending on their age. For example taking your toddlers to see STAR WARS: ATTACK OF THE CLONES is a recipe for disaster. When this happened to me at the movies, when we were in the US for my husband’s work, after a really scary fiery monstrous part, the parent eventually took the screaming toddler out, only to bring it back for a second round when it had calmed down! I have encountered variations of this in all sorts of areas – at the shops, at parties for adults where one couple bring their kid – it changes the whole vibe of the gathering as the rest of the adults feel compelled to modify their behaviour and language feeling resentful about the lack of consideration while doing so – and particularly in what kids are now allowed to watch on TV and DVDs, and Wii, PS, Nintendo, etc No wonder many of the young behave without boundaries – they were provided with none as they grew up. It’s a real worry.

    • Hi Jud, children should not be in an adult environment especially parties. You’re right, adults then have to modify their behavior because there is a child around. I know if I have been working a long week I don’t want to tip toe around my kids when I already have that stress at work.

      Children should be involved with the world, but in the way that is age appropriate for them. Kids these days already have to grow up too fast. Why should we as parents rsh them further?

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