In times of stress I tend to need a way to releases it. My favorite way of releasing stress is to play some Big Fish Games.  I tend to steer more towards the hidden object games which fulfill my need to solve mysteries.  Even better than reading a mystery is being able to interact as detective of the mystery. Yes, okay I admit it I love gaming. I was so excited when I received my plush Felix doll in the mail. Click on the Felix link to discover some of Felix’s favorite games.

Jester's Big Fish

Jester’s Big Fish (Photo credit: Theen …) 

Of course Big Fish Games has other games types: The best part? Big Fish Games gives you an hour free play. So if you don’t like the game you don’t have to buy it.  Go ahead click on the links and see if there are any games that you like: Throw me a line and tell me about your experience and join me as I find games I love and review them.

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