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DP Challenge- Kids In Adult-Oriented Places

Take kids where they want to be.

Kids can be a blessing until you’re at the movies and a wail breaks out during the most significant part of the film. Should children be allowed in adult orientated places?

Well, it is adult-oriented, meaning there is a possibility you are putting your child in a non rated G environment. Kids will be kids, and they will go where adults take them, but it doesn’t mean they should be there (or even want to be there for that matter). Adults need to decide if it’s the right thing to do by bringing a child into an adult environment.

I have four children myself . Yes, I brought them to nice restaurants, museums, and places where the adult to kid ratio wasn’t exactly balanced. But then I made sure that my children did not act disruptive. If I was going to put my children and others in this situation, I had to take responsibility for my children.

Parents, if you want to take your children to something that has little to do with children be ready to make an early departure. I don’t feel it’s fair to force my children on others when they are expecting a kid free area. Plus, adults sometimes say and do things that aren’t  proper for kids to see or hear.

It’s all on the parent. Use your better judgement if you must have your kids tag along. Sometimes your kid might not even want to hang out in an adult orientated place. It’s boring because there is nothing there geared to keep your kids occupied.

Why not? Because the place was most likely not expecting to have to entertain children. There are many kid friendly places to bring your kids to. Besides every mom and dad needs a little adult time, to appreciate family time.

2 Broke Girls – A Sitcom Filled With Yummy Goodness

2 Broke Girls – A Sitcom Filled With Yummy Goodness.

Feeling broke? You are not alone. Click on the link above and check out my recently published article on- 2 Broke Girls. Being broke always hurts less when you’re not doing it alone.

The Journey Home: The Final Countdown

Linderhof Palace

Linderhof Palace (Photo credit: San Diego Shooter)

The time for the family to leave Germany is coming fast. It seems when time is short everything happens at once. Friends want to hang out with you, there are things that “must” be completed, and then you’re living out of suitcases.

The movers came and took the last of our things. Everything we have left must either fit in our suitcases or be given away. I was a lost, because I had to give my comfy blanket up in the middle of German Fall (which can be very cold). Luckily, my neighbor next door took pity on me and gave me some warm blankets to console myself in.

The weekend before I partied with friends and took plenty of photos.I drove up to Heidelberg one last time to see my son, who is staying on in Germany to attend school, and visit the castle there. As I drive through the countryside I spy many places and things I never knew were there after five years of living in Germany. Now the fields and building stand  in stark contrast, with my own memories and the new images combined.

German Woods

German Woods (Photo credit: Franco Rabazzo)

I will definitely miss the relaxing drives through Bavaria, and the forests that remind me of Hansel and Gretel. I will miss the freedom of walking or biking everywhere-without worry of criminal acts waiting in the shadows. I will miss the lazy Sundays, which mean everything is closed, except for restaurants and gas stations. This means no excuses for not hanging with your family for Sunday Dinner.

The historical center of Schöckingen in Baden-...

Love my Schweinebraten!

The friends I have made here will be sorely missed. These friends took the time to help my family and I mesh into the German culture. We learned how to really party at a fest, enjoy a German meal, and learn a new language. We still have some time before we board the plane back to the other side of the world. Until then, I am going to make the most of my days I have left to enjoy in Germany. So for now, Auf Wiedersehen.

Check out the Article for American Horror Story Premier Recap


For all you fans who have been waiting on pins and needles for S2 of AHS-it’s here! Read the recap about the episode and comment here, or click on the link and comment there, about what you thought of the episode. I feel story for Evan Peters character, it seems in either season he has the short end of the stick.

Asylum takes a whole new meaning in American Horror Story S2


Calling All Once Upon A Time Fans- S2 E3 Recap


Henry tries to convince Jefferson/Mad Hatter to help open the portal to the Enchanted Forest.

Click on this link to read my recap of Once Upon A Time’s lastest episode. Leave a comment and let me know what you lied about the episode.




The Time For haunting Is Upon Us

Belief in ghosts and evil spirits has been around for many years. The Celts practiced Halloween then known as Samhain (it is pronounced sow-en) in what we now know as the United Kingdom. Halloween practices were meant to signal the end of Summer and wearing masks and costumes worn by villagers to ward off evil spirits.

Today people know Halloween as a fun day for children snag some free candy and for adults to get together and become someone else for one evening of the year. But the best thing about Halloween are the haunted house and places both real and imaginative. One haunted place I know of , my own house, where our ghosts are even more active when this time of year comes around. Yes, really, my house is active with the usual doors closing on their own, shadows passing swiftly in the blink of an eye, chairs rocking on their own, and disembodies voices and footsteps.

In the beginning it was startling to know you were alone in the house, but you weren’t. My entire household has experienced some sort of paranormal phenomenon while living in the house. Now, the sounds and poltergeist (the German word for “noisy ghost”) activity are just a normal part of our time here in Germany.  The history of the area we live in certainly explains why some of these things are happening. The town we lived in was actually the housing area for SS German Officer and their families. It’s possible that some of them have lingered on and do not realize that their time has past. Of course, our family is not alone in this experience.

Germany with it’s rich history of change and violence lend the perfect atmosphere for continual hauntings. In Darmstadt, Germany sits the Frankenstein Castle, which some say inspired author Mary Shelly‘s story “Frankensein”, is used as a haunted house once a year.This year you can visit Frankenstein’s Castle on weekends from October 24th to November 9th to scare yourself silly with monsters jumping out of the shadows. Frankenstein’s Castle is also rumored to actually be genuinely haunted and was even investigated by Syfy’s popular show, Ghost Hunters.

Arbeit Macht Frei-Works Makes You Free

Another place I have visited myself is the Dachau Concentration Camp which is also rumored to be haunted with the spirits of the prisoners kept there. It is located the city of Dachau, not too far from Munich, Germany and is the only concentration camp that was open through the entire WWII. The strange feelings start when you  reach entrance of  the iron gate which reads, “Arbeit Macht Frei“, which translates to “Work Makes You Free“. Ironically, the words meant to give hope actually was more of a reminder of the hopelessness of captivity. Inside the vistors walk the very path that Jews, and other people who opposed Germany’s position, walked and gave up everything they had. The somber cloud creates a haunting atmosphere and you never feel alone as you walk through the camp. The sadness is heavy and the tours are very quiet and the ovens are even more unsettling.

So the question is are you a believer or skeptic? Either way there are many places in Germany in which hauntings occur. Where the dead and the living intermingle, and once a year on All Hallows Eve, if we’re lucky they might show themselves to us. Take a look at some other places in Germany you can visit for a ghostly experience of your own. Happy Hauntings!

Eltz Castle is rumored to be haunted by medieval kinights and “Mad” King Ludwig himself.

Haunted Places In Germany, Frankensteins Castle, Haunted Castles And Creepy Places.


Blog | Red Bull Stratos

Blog | Red Bull Stratos.


I’m excited, are you excited? This is a historic event in the making. Felix Baumgartner is attempting to free fall from the Earth’s stratosphere.

The free fall is going on live at http://www.redbullstratos.com/the-mission/launch-progress/

Blog | Red Bull Stratos

Go to @Budom to tweet what you think about the event. The launch is soon so get on those computers and check it out. Imagine the science that went into the planning of this launch.

Hope to see you tweeting! Good luck Felix!

Bu Dominguez 🙂

The Journey Home: The Trip To University


In my last post I laid out my emotions on having to move back to the US. Of course, there are always more things to do to get ready for the big move. One mission we had to get done was to get my oldest son Nick settled into university. Sounds easy right? Well, our family never does easy.

We left late in the day for our three-hour trip to Heidelberg, Germany. It was the road trip I never got to take when I was younger. Now, I was taking the trip with my two sons Nick and Joey. It was a happy and sad day because the rest of the family would be heading to Texas and Nick would be staying on in Germany to attend school at Schiller International University. How fast time has flown. I still imagined him the little boy wo loved to make things out of anything he could find. He looks so much like his dad, but he acts so much like me. He reminds me of the young idealist I was his age.

English: Heidelberg Castel and Bridge, Germany.

English: Heidelberg Castle and Bridge, Germany. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Heidelberg is a large city north of Bavaria. Needless to say, even with the GPS we got lost among the streets and   homes. We roamed the city looking for the school which had moved to another place. The old building was in an influential and quaint neighborhood. Like most buildings in Germany this building was old and reminded us of Hogwarts. We traveled back and forth across the bridge that took us over the River Rhine. The setting was picturesque, but we were on a time line for school registration. Ahhhh.

We finally found the school, but it was closing time and of course had to come back the next day, which meant staying the night in Heidelberg. So we made the best of it, the boys and I headed to the Orchid Royal Thai restaurant. We had spotted it during our lost hours and hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast. It was so wonderful and made me look forward to seeing my mom and eating her Thai cooking.

The next day was long and Nick was able to snag the last room in the old dorm across the city where the old school was located. This was it! Nick got his apartment keys, met some of  the other students, and we were saying our good-byes. As I drove away I looked in the rear view mirror and watched as Nick became smaller and smaller. It wasn’t good-bye forever, but it was good-bye to an old chapter in life for our whole family.

Nick- “Mom, this is a new chapter in my life.”

Me- “Yes it is…yes it is Nick.”

Companionable silence…

Our last dinner was spent here. The place was great on food and ambiance.

Image of Heidelberg from Castle

Image of Heidelberg from Castle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the new building for Schiller International University


A New Twist On An Old Story of Sherlock Holmes-Elementary

Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Lui take on the alter ego of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

What would Sir Arthur Conan Doyle think of the new Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) and Dr. Joan Watson (Lucy Liu)? I believe he would want to watch the story unfold as Sir Doyle was way ahead of his time. He was a free-thinker, this came out in some of his novels especially his Sherlock Holmes character.

CBS is premiering the pilot of Elementary on September 27th at 10 EST that tells the beginnings of Sherlock’s and Watson relationship. I was a bit wary of seeing Lucy Liu (Charlie’s Angels) in the part of Dr. Watson, but I have to admit Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller (Eli Stone) have a chemistry that quite fits the show.

In today’s world Holmes is a recovering addict and his wealthy father decides to pay for a companion to watch over him after his stunt in rehab.

Dr. Watson is a brilliant surgeon who has guilt over losing a patient on the operating table takes the job as a companion, in order to still be in a field that helps people. Watson is assigned to live with Holmes for six weeks. Mind you, they didn’t always get along.

Watson:”It’s so incredible the way that you can solve people just by looking at them. I notice you don’t have any mirrors around here.”
Holmes:”What’s that supposed to mean?”
Watson:”It means you know a lost cause when you see one.”

Ouch! The new Sherlock put to mind a little of Psych and Monk (without the extreme phobias) rolled into one. Sherlock’s amazing ability to observe, and save those observation for later pondering, to deduct and move the case forward is brilliant and entertaining. Holmes addiction leads him to relocate to New York City, where he hooks up with Aidan Quinn (Benny &Joon) plays Capt. Tobias “Toby” Gregson, who has some history with Sherlock Holmes from Scotland Yard.

Holmes: “I don’t guess, I observe…”

Elementary is a promising show to keep a look out for each week. I will be one of those people because eccentric is my style.


One Hundred and One Nights- Book Review

Author Benjamin Buchholz weaves a touching story, with twists and turns, in One Hundred And One Nights. You can feel the anguish coming through Abu Saheeh, the book’s main character.

His return to his homeland Iraq gives Abu cause to review his life past and future. Abu’s story tells heart-wrenching stories of the different people in his new place of residence in Iraq bordering on Kuwait.

Abu feels like a foreigner among his own people. It doesn’t help that he is new to the a city that is stuck in limbo.

With the Americans still using their roads to continue a war in the distance, yet so close. Abu’s days are disrupted unexpectedly by a young girl, whose penchant for all things American, borders on blasphemy in their Muslim world.

But as the story unfolds we wonder if people are right to be skeptical of Abu. Abu’s is a stranger with secrets and a mission. The question is whose side is he on?

Culture Shocked Story Contest

Don’t procrastinate…be one of the first to tell your stories. Each story will be judge by brouhaha-access. Then be sure to vote for your favorite of the five finalist, one who will be the winner wi $25 prize. The way to make your voice heard is to speak out!

Click on this link to get more details about the contest.  https://www.facebook.com/events/364256010323877/

or just head to http://budomlivetrue.com/2012/09/22/the-journey-home-culture-shock/ and start telling your experience. I am looking forward to reading your stories.

Check out this link for more cultural experiences of the 2012 Hohenfel’s German-american folks Fest.

Livorno, Italy

This photo was taken during my summer visit to Livorno, Italy. the city lies between the more famous towns of Florence and Pisa.

 Church in the city of Nürnberg, Germany

I chaperoned a field trip here with my son’s architecture and design class. The buildings in Germany are very old. Many have stood through WWI and WWII.

This photo was taken by Carissa Anderson at Hohenfel’s 138th Annual German-American Folks Fest 2012.

The Journey Home: Culture Shock


Burglengenfeld (Photo credit: clg20171)

Well folks, I have had an amazing six years in Germany.  I will miss my little town I have grown to love. Unfortunately, my family and I are packing up and heading back to the US of A. I will certainly miss all the friends I have made here. I have to say that I am grateful to have experienced what most people only dream of while living vicariously through the media. Of course, our move shouldn’t come as a surprise since we are a military family. Moving is part of our world, and learning to continuously adapt is a must, otherwise enjoying your time wherever the military assigns you can become a nightmare.

Am I nervous? You bet I am! When my family and I first moved to Germany it was a huge culture shock. The language was a large barrier and shopping was not nearly as fun as it was back home. My husband had chosen a house in the German community of Burglengenfeld, and my family and I were instantly immersed in the German culture. Since I did not have my European license yet I had to shop on the German economy. I was forced to learn how to communicate in the German economy, for what I wanted and needed, when I had to get something for the household. Ahhh, that seemed so long ago. Eventually the family assimilated and my children even learned to speak German fluently. They were fortunate to have a terrific German language instructor named Frau O.

Now we are headed back to the US. Journeying back home to a place which should feel familiar to us, but somehow it doesn’t. I am like the foreign people who only know what they know of the US through the media. The knowledge is part truth and part illusion. There have been many changes since we have moved from the US and there might be some changes that we will know nothing about until we step back on US soil. Driving back home will definitely be different without the autobahn. We will have to watch our speed and fight the need to blaze down the interstate at 80 to 100 miles per hour.

Burglengenfeld Rathaus

Burglengenfeld Rathaus (Photo credit: clg20171)

Our household is packed up and my family waits with butterflies in our bellies for the day of departure. I will have to get used to only speaking English and not mixing it with German. So, wish me luck, our move isn’t over yet, and I will have updates on my Journey, until then Auf Wiedersehen!

Cook & Impress: Easy Recipe For Chinese Dumplings

Homemade Chinese Dumplings. A nice addition to any meal.

Asian Cooking

Make dinner fun. Surf the Internet for easy recipes such the one I found to make these yummy dumplings.

Even if you are not a master chef, you can be a pretty good chef. Use the internet to find easy recipes from around the world. You’ll be surprised at how easy some of your favorite restaurant dishes are to make at home. Take control of your kitchen and make it a fun place to be. I love cooking with my children. It’s a time where we can create something together and talk. My son found these so easy to make he made breakfast dumplings.

Fresh meat filled dumplings

Garlic, ground meat (ground even more in a food processor) and other spices.

He filled the wrappings with scrambled eggs and sausage, browned both sides, and viola! He had an easy finger food breakfast. So go ahead give a recipe a try. Have you ever discovered a recipe you never thought you’d make yourself? Leave a comment and let me know your experiences.





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Dumpling wraps can be bought pre-made or you can make the dough yourself.articles








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