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Bones Season 8 Premiers Sept 17th; S7 Preorder & Release Date Details


Bones Season 8 Premiers Sept 17th; S7 Preorder & Release Date Details.

Bones Season 8 Premiers Sept 17th; S7 Preorder & Release Date Details

Did you watch the Bones Season 8 premier? What did you think about it? Check out my blog on Newsforshoppers.com and learn about the pre-order and release date of Season 7 on Blue-Ray and DVD.

I love watching Bones and the chemistry between Booth and Bones makes the show even better. The love connection has been the death for some television shows, but something about Booth and Bones makes crime solving more fun. Bones showed a more human side to her in season 7 and I hope that the creators continue in this vein. Although, I love Bones, quirky and awkwardly social side too.

Bones is not going to have it easy in the beginning of season 8 as she is on the run and charged with murder.  Bones nemesis, Christopher Pellant ( a serial killer who is highly tech savvy) is out to frame her for murder, and has made sure that she does not have the help of her friends from the Jeffersonian.  Where the FBI was once a friend; they are now her foe and leading the chase to bring Bones to justice.

Whatever happens, Bones is sure to give Pellant a run for his money. Check out the show and leave a comment.


Commemorate The Lives Of Those Lost In The Tragedy For All Nations


9/11 Memorial

9/11 Memorial (Photo credit: Wade Brooks)


It is  9/11 and my thoughts and prayers are with the friends and families who have been left without the ones they cherishes the most. Regardless who caused the tragedy the outcome remains the same. The tragedy was not prejudice in who it took only that it did. Remember their lives and celebrate it.

Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them.
George Eliot



Hamburger Fiesta

Fiesta Burger

Create a fiesta in your mouth with an old fashion hamburger topped with monterey jack cheese and pico de gallo.

I love monterey jack cheese and freshly made pico de gallo. Even better a hamburger topped with my two fave ingredients. Cooking for a large family is a challenge especially in this economy. Day after day making the same meals can become boring, and the food becomes tasteless. So here I was, faced with making dinner,and not feeling the old hamburger thing. Then the light bulb went off in my head. So I decided to spice thing up. Here’s how I did it. Before cooking up the hamburgers make your pico de gallo.

Pico de gallo:

Pico de Gallo

This zesty salsa treat is a delicious topping for just about anything. It’s easy to make and a great party dish.

1 pckage of yellow and red cherry tomatoes


Red or white onion

Lemon juice

all season salt

Thai peppers (or any type of chili pepper you prefer)

The recipe does not have measurement because this is the kind of thing that i based more on the chef preference. Slice everything up to into small pieces because remember you will need to put this on top of the hamburger. I used a mortar and pestle to crush the peepers because it really brings out the heat in the pepper Thai Pepper. Now you can cook up your burgers and melt the monterey jack cheese just before the hamburger finishes cooking. You can top the burger with your usual toppings, such as lettuce, and condiments that make you want to say…mmmmmmm. Until next time bon appetite!

The vibrant red is appealing to the eye and the smaller tomatoes have a sweeter taste.

Yellow tomatoes

Use the tomatoes for flavor and coloring. the look of food is just as important as the flavor.

Grim Tales: The Wishes Collectors Edition

Great review…check it out. If you’re looking for a game to play Grim Tales: The Wishes CE is they way to go. I certainly give the game a reply a try…it’s got spooky written all over it, and if you don’t know by now, I love spooky. Thanks Jud for the heads up

Redemption Cemetery: Grave Testimony CE

If you like spooky then, this is a game for you. Redemption Cemetery: Grave Testimony is not as difficult as other hidden object games, but the storyline and the interaction makes up for that. The graphics are colorful, and the game uses live actors to interact with as you play through the game.

The narrator’s low ominous voice states that, “sometimes a person can be in the wrong place at the wrong time.” What could be worse than being a witness to a 1930 gangster kidnapping of a millionaire’s daughter? Unfortunately, the gang spots YOU and decide you’re too much of a liability, and may go to the police, which would ruin their chances to get the ransom they are looking forward to. Ahhhh, before you know it, you’re tossed into the back of their car’s trunk and taken to an island where all disappearing witnesses go. Could it get any worse? Of course, it could, the island is cursed. In the midst of being buried alive you hear tommy guns being fired; and when you get yourself free of your shallow grave, you find some dead gangsters. Who did it? Is there someone else on this cursed island? You run to the dock only to find the one surviving gangster trying to take the only boat on the island back to the mainland. Finding a telescope you see that he is having trouble leaving the island, when ghostly hands stretch out of the water, and drag him to his watery death. What to do? What to do?

Hidden object game

Now comes the meat of the adventure. Apparently there is some bad juju going on, and the dead on the island are restless. A ferryman arrives and offers to take you back to the mainland for the cost of three soul stones. The man brings to mind the story of Greek mythology: The boatman of the river Styx. The boatman is supposedly the link from the underworld aka Hades to the world of the living. You feel the man is shady, but he offers one thing to help you out on your quest to escape the island, a mystical crow. The crow will help you get things out of reach, but you must find a special rune to make the crow turn from stone to living to do your bidding. There are three ghosts you must help to save their souls and the first one will be the gangster shot dead while trying to murder you.

Now the fun begins as you must carry out his request, and the gangster sends you back in time, to right a wrong and save his soul. In return, he will give you his soul stone. It is a catch 22 situation, as you must help the souls to get their soul stones. Otherwise, you might as well make yourself at home on the island.The game has beautiful graphics and the live actors lend a bit of a spooky realism to the game. But getting off the island won’t be easy as you must deal with another ghostly figure sabotaging you along the way. The collectors edition of the games comes with a strategy guide and bonus play. Otherwise, you can get it separately if you buy the standard edition of the game, which usually cost less, but does not come with extras the collectors edition provides.

Sometimes a recipe is needed to aid in your quest.

There are several hidden object scenes in which some have you look for certain items to find the next item. The mini games help in furthering your escape from the island. Make sure you follow the story as it can give you clues to what you need to do to get off the island. This is a great game to play at a Halloween party by hooking up your computer to the television, getting the party guest to join in the fun. This game is available for PC and Mac. This game rates: ♥♥♥♥ out of five hearts.

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Hotel Hell: The Ferrari of Hotels

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsey: Hotel Hell

Gordon Ramsay does it again! What can I say, but that I love watching Gordon Ramsay. Sure he’s tough, sometimes tough love is needed, but he is one of the few TV personalities who can make curse words a necessary part a show. First Gordon titillates us by tackling Kitchen Nightmares (literally some of them are nightmares), and now he is  tackling hotels, with a side order of extreme business sense. It always boggles my mind how someone can ask for advise then get pissed off because someone gives it.

The Ferrari of Hotels

The Keating Hotel, which is located in San Dieago, Ca, is in the spotlight on this episode of the Hotel Hell. Gordon  asks viewers to imagine a hotel designed by a teenage boy, the Keating’s design is based on the famous italian made car, the Ferrari. The owner, Eddie, loves Ferrari, so why not design the rooms to look like the inside of a car?Then step two hire a car company to design the room; sleek, include minimal and nonfunctional furniture, and $20,000 bathtubs in the middle of the living-room…go Eddie. Or NOT!

Eddie cannot understand why his hotel isn’t working. He prices he prices the rooms at $759 a night and keeps a dog, named Smudge outside of the hotel entrance (which are line with velvet ropes, Gordon claims “looks like a night club”). Surprise! Here are some of the discoveries made:

Unhappy guests: Really??? Guests gathered by Gordon tell the owner directly some of the flaws in their stay. The guests state that the hotels abundant red decor gives the room a brothel feel, beds have unpressed sheets, food served in plastic containers, and there is only one chair at a bar for eating (what if there are two people?). Eddie, listens to his guests complaints with a shocked look on his face and says, “He appreciates his guests feedback”, when earlier he felt Gordon’s same complaints were unreasonable and that he felt the place wasn’t that bad. Then there is the restaurant which is not even connected to the hotel itself. What’s up with that? Gordon hears it takes 45 minutes for a cheese board priced at $16.99 to get to a guest. Ridiculous. Then the General Manager must help with all the cleaning, laundry,  deal with sub-standard equipment, and run everything run by the owner tastes, whose ears seems to be in non-working order. Gordon,”He looks like a baby whose had his lollipop stolen.”

Where’s the defibrillator?

The kitchen is just as much of a mess as the hotel. The Chef has no control over the menu and is submissive to the owner’s requests to put things on the menu he sees at other businesses. An example of a dish is the chocolate pizza, yes I said it chocolate pizza, topped with chocolate, strawberries, and bacon. Who can resist that? The restaurant manager is antipathetic in running his restaurant and the chef has lost his passion. So much so that the chef has a heart attack while Gordon is filming his part on the show.  Gordon’s yells out for someone to call 911, I am on the edge of my seat. In the words of Gordon, OMG!

Time for a change

After going through all the issues the hotel is having, Gordon gathers the staff together. He ask’s the staff who is the most important person of the hotel? Each staff member answers naming the owner or another staff member. Survey says? THE GUEST. Gordon advises that the hotel needs to stop catering to the likes and dislikes of the Eddie, the owner, but to cater to the guests. The employees need to be given authority to make the best decision for the guests, and update the rooms and equipment. Take away the nasty red walls, put in better furniture and warm up the rooms, give the chef the power to make his menu for better and tastier dishes. The new design is warmer and more chic than sleek, and now a guest can call the kitchen directly to get their orders. Yay, no more plastic dinnerware! Gordon Ramsay, as usual, you’re my hero. Until the next time…keep it tidy.



Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst Review

Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst

Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lately, I have had withdrawals for a new Mystery Case Files game. I love the not only the mystery in the hidden object games, but the  storyline of the Ravenhearst games. Of course, the spooky atmosphere that prevails from the graphics and characters scattered throughout the games are also a fixation. I love spooky, what can I say?

The first in the series Ravenhearst revolves around Emma Ravenhearst, the mistress of the old the mansion also named Ravenhearst. As the detective, you unlock puzzles, and hidden object games to find pieces of the diary, which delves into the life of the Emma and her untimely death.

Although, the first story is intriguing Big fish Game creators become more and more creative with the additions of Return to Ravenhearst and Escape from Ravenhearst. The story becomes darker with each discovery and the creators use real actor to portray in the cut scenes which enhance the spooky feeling when playing the game. I love playing in the dark and I admittedly scare myself during game play. I give this game five hearts because of its creativity and great puzzles within the game. So go ahead give it a try if you haven’t already. The game is available on PC and Mac so no one is left out. If the game’s story nabs you, Mystery Case Files also has a book series for those who are into the story as well as the game. There are four stories to indulge in: Stolen, Vanished, Submerged, and Unearthed. I haven’t read them yet, but when I do you will be the first to know.


♥♥♥♥♥– Love it!!!!

To Ring Or Not To Ring? That is the question.

Wedding ring, Byzantium, 7th c. AD, nielloed gold.

Wedding ring, Byzantium, 7th c. AD, nielloed gold. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Weddings, marriage, and babies are the things that many people look forward to in life. Regardless if male or female eventually a good percentage of people go on to marry sometime in their life. Oh, the feeling of bliss, of upcoming nuptials. There is a symbolic gesture from the beginning with the gift of the engagement ring which eventually becomes the wedding ring. The ring worn by both people in the marriage tells the world, “I belong to someone and they to me”. Sigh.

Then comes my 19 year-old teen saying that when he marries he will NOT where a ring. Gasp! My mind was blown away, when he continued his diatribe to marriage by insisting he would not wear a ring, but his wife would. Oh the shock of it all was almost too much to bare. I couldn’t believe that the one child of mine whose sensitivity was so palpable at times would make such a statement. After I got over the initial shock I asked him why he didn’t want to wear his wedding ring. His statement was as simple as his announcement, why? He and his wife knew they were married and that was all that counted.

Well, I suppose his statement was true enough. Wedding ring or no wedding ring  a couple was still married, right? Why did we even have wedding rings in the first place? Wedding rings have been in existence since Egyptian times. Whenever I meet someone my eyes usually falls first to their ring fingers. Are they married or are they single. Why? Because, encroaching on someone else’s person is not the thing to do. I believe that both parties should wear a wedding ring. The wedding ring symbolizes a couples love for each other. Of course, some people don’t feel that they need to announce to the world they are married and I suppose this should be okay too, right? To each his own?

Sigh, to ring or not to ring? A traditional symbolic thing which tells the world you are loved. Are there women out there that would rather not wear a wedding ring? Are the old traditions becoming stale? My son told me that wearing a ring would not change the love he felt for his wife and that his love for her is more important than a piece of metal. He makes a good point as children often do and as parents we are quick to dismiss. It is the love and bond between a man and women that is the most important thing, and even the best ring cannot change a true love bonding. Maybe todays world is too focused on the ring and not enough on the actual marriage. Maybe the divorce rate could be lowered if tradition was not the main issue of a marriage proposal, but instead with thoughts of spending a life time together.

Marriage contract

Marriage contract (Photo credit: Center for Jewish History, NYC)


“So it’s not gonna be easy. It’s going to be really hard; we’re gonna have to work at this everyday, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, everyday. You and me… everyday.”
― Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook


Regrets and Redos

Season 1 DVD cover (Region 1)

Season 1 DVD cover (Region 1) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In life comes regret and wishing we could do things over that we feel have caused things to get out of hand in our life. But can we redo our regrets? Can we change the path of our life by fixing a wrong we did in the past? Well according to, Being Erica, we need to be careful what we wish for and that we are the sum of our decisions.

Honestly, until watching the Canadian television series “Being Erica”, I didn’t realize how many people might be paralyzed by their regrets. I thought back about troubled times in my life and realize that some of my decisions or non-decisions have been because of regrets. Of course, there are some regrets we can resolve such as, apologizing for the mistake or if too much time hasn’t passed, to go ahead and right the wrong. Unfortunately, many do not realize their regret until the regret is far into the past. The lingering effect totaling the sum of our person and how we may continue to do things. But do we have to let regrets rule us?

Erica, our protagonist on the show gets a lucky break and meets a therapist, Dr. Tom who helps her travel back in time to change the act, in which Erica feels has  changed the course of her life. What’s the catch? The catch is that although Erica may change what she feels is her regret, the act itself is not always what changes the course of her life. The moral of this story is that many times people need to consider that we are blinded by our own worth. Nothing is as simple as it seems and dwelling on the past prohibits us to move on to the future. I identify with Erica and her obsession with her past regrets and the possibilities, that if we could have made a different decision in the past, our futures would be different. Of course, reality check! Yes, the decisions of our past affect our present but it doesn’t have to rule our future path.

I thought about the past and what if this and what if that, but looking at what I have now and the experiences I have had the chance to have are from some of my regrets. I learned that the next time I had the chance to do something I would; and I have. Sometimes that second chance doesn’t come around, but unlike TV land we can not ( at this time at least ) go back in time. So we do what we must and keep on trucking because life regrets and the world does not slow down for anyone.


Often regret is very false and displaced, and imagines the past to be totally other than it was.



TODAY Moms – TIME’s breast-feeding toddler cover spurs shock, talk

WPA poster promoting breast feeding and proper...

WPA poster promoting breast feeding and proper child care, showing mother nursing baby. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

TODAY Moms – TIME’s breast-feeding toddler cover spurs shock, talk.

Time Magazine’s new cover is causing a stir among mothers everywhere although breastfeeding has been around forever. Noblewomen hired wet-nurses to breast feed their babies and many women in capable of breastfeeding have done the same long before the invention of the baby bottle. Why has breastfeeding become the “ugly” word in child care? What are you’re feelings on this subject? Do you agree with Dr. Bill Sears and his wife’s idea on attachment parenting, which they explain in their book, The Baby Book?  As a mother myself, I don’t feel a mother needs to breastfeed into the toddler years to form a strong bond. On the other hand, I did let my children sleep in my bed with me and did not even bother buying a crib. In fact, at 14 and 15 years of age my daughters still like to climb into bed with me and my husband on a Saturday morning.

I posted this article on my Facebook page and a friend of mine put down her own thoughts about the Time Magazine’s breastfeeding cover. Here is what she said.

“The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that the world average for breastfeeding is 4.2 years and they recommend that all children be breastfed for at least two years. Would it be better to give your 3-year-old a cheeseburger and milk shake? The act of breastfeeding can be seen as a type of meditation and relaxation. I wish we could be all more open about it! I support every mother that decides to nurse their children longer than average. Every mother knows what is best for their child. I nursed my 1st son for one year. And my 2nd son for 3 years. Nobody can tell you when it is best to stop. When my son got really sick when he was 2 1/2 years old, he had to be hospitalized. The only thing that stayed in his little body was breast milk. And his recovery was very good. It just proved to me again, that there is nothing better than nursing.” Y. Reyna

What are your thoughts about attachment parenting and Time Magazine’s cover? Start a discussion and leave your comments in the, “Speak out, let’s hear your voice” box.

National Museum

National Museum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Incredibox [ Official ]

Incredibox [ Official ].

I wanted to share this with Brouhaha Fans because I thought it was so cool. If you love music and always wanted to make your own sound then the Incredibox is your thing. Check it out and let me know what you think about it.

Also check these websites out to find out more.



Awards http://www.thefwa.com/site/-incredibox-/

Tiếng Việt: Bún chả giò ăn kèm với dưa leo xắt... (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

       This is a great and healthy recipe from 5 & spice. Being Asian the recipe brings back memories of eating out with my family, or nights at home when my mother would cook the family’s favorite Thai and Filipino dishes.

What Killed Soldier In Afghanistan Who Died While Skyping With His Wife? : The Two-Way : NPR

Soldier in Afghanistan with M224

Soldier in Afghanistan with M224 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What Killed Soldier In Afghanistan Who Died While Skyping With His Wife? : The Two-Way : NPR. By Mark Memmott

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