Special Photo Challenge-Inspiration~ When Dreams Meet Life

I have always dreamed of traveling. I loved it, I guess it became a part of my life, my dad was in the Air Force, and he choose exotic places to live. Far into my adult life I finally got the chance to explore some of the world. No matter where I find myself I am always in awe of the beauty in the world’s nature. In Spain I came upon trees so large they made me look extremely tiny. You can say that my dreams became my life, and it inspires me to blog and share what I have experienced. 


Valencia, Spain- Tree with far reaching roots inspires me to reach out farther too.

6 Comments on “Special Photo Challenge-Inspiration~ When Dreams Meet Life

  1. That’s an awesome looking tree. It looks as if it could assimilate you so that you would have branches reaching to the sky. Lovely photo.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Haha thanks. You’re right it does have that look to it. The tree was really huge. I felt like a tiny speck next to it. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. 🙂

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