Sting Ray City: Home Of the Gentlest Sea Creature

As you read the words sting ray I believe that the name Steve Irwin comes to mind. The horrible “gasps” echoed around the world when people heard of his injury and eventual passing.

I still feel sad when I think about Irwin being gone, for his wild love of nature inspired me to watch him on television. I didn’t love nature as passionately as Irwin did, but I did appreciate it more.

In the Grand Cayman there is a beautiful stretch of sand bar that houses a lot of sting rays called Sting Ray City. Of course our tour guides from MarineLand Tours, were well versed and full of knowledge about sting rays. They even mentioned the Steve Irwin tragedy that his death was not intentional, with the sting ray using its defense mechanism (and the only defense sting rays have) the tail barb.

MarineLand  tours provides several excursions such as charters, private tours, and special occasions, as well as the tours to Sting Ray City. In 2013 MarineLand tours was bestowed Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence Award. They certainly deserved it, and this is one tour I am highly recommending.



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  1. Hi, I’m just painting a Manta Ray painting for a coming exhibition promoting – I think I got that website right – for our Kimberley – a place like nowhere else. The art show will be here in Perth and I am doing one with 17 manta rays frolicking across the canvas – think it should work out okay – I’ll add it to my Paintings – what I do when I’m not blogging Post so you can see it. I’ll let you know when it’s done if you want me to. They are amazing creatures and are prolific in the Kimberley waters. 😀

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