It’s Chile Verde in Here

So I bought some tomatillos because I have heard they make a good sauce. Except one thing, I know nothing about how to cook these pretty little vegetables? Fruit? Either way I wanted to make something different for dinner. I wanted to use my pork steaks and the tomatillos, but I needed a good recipe that would be simple to follow. I was lucky to find a great recipe on a wonderful site Isabel Eats . The about profile says Isabel is a first generation Mexican- American who grew up eating the… Read More

Finally Jumping on the Twitter Bandwagon

Follow me on Twitter @BuDom score cool readings at Brouhaha Access blog site. Check me out then click follow. 😉 — Busanee Dominguez (@BuDom) July 10, 2014 I am finally at a point where I am comfortable to work on my first love; being creative. I loved the fact that creativity could make work less boring and more productive. I am back once again taking on the roll as novelist, blogger, and social media lover. P.S. Pass this information on. Ciao  

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