Got Beef? Then Make Nam Tok!

This delicious and simple dish is bursting with s many flavors. Fresh mint leaves mixed with some lime juice lend to the dishes spicy kick. I suggest using a good lean steak that can get you the rare meat without being overly chewy. You may not want to use all of the ingredients and that’s okay.Cooking is not just about following recipes but following your taste buds. After grilling the meat (it’s okay if it seems too rare. The lime juice will cook it further) let it rest about a minute or… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge- A History of Endurance

  La Porte, Texas is a small town near Galveston Bay plays an important part in American History. The San Jacinto Battles Grounds is a historic attraction that kept up by the Texas Parks & Wildlife agency. The photo of the Battleship Texas was taken during our housing hunting expeditions to Houston (believe me we had more than a few expeditions).  I added in the Mexican soldier (played so well by hubby) to portray “endurance”. Endurance is a hardcore ingredient when it comes to the making of American history. The battleship tour will… Read More

The train ride to Venice…two perspectives.

The train ride was too long, about 6 hours…but the girls couldn’t wait for it to be over. My hubby took the time to enjoy the passing scenery. Now the adventures once we got to Venice that’s another story!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

Focusing is not always easy to do especially when you have other things catching your eye. As one gets older it is easy to look back and focus on the things we should have done. However the past is the past, and the only changes we can make now is in the present which puts focus on our future. So focus on your present because this will not fix the past but at least you won’t repeat it (or at least we hope not to). I hope you enjoy the images I… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Re-“fresh”-ingly Life

When I think of something refreshing water and breezes always come to mind. I love the way water can cool you inside and out. The way the soft breezes can caress your skin causing it to tingle and come alive. I enjoyed the times I spent in these waters. I hope that there will be another moment in my lifetime when I will again enjoy their refreshing beauty. For a closer look just click on the photo and experience fresh. Related articles Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh ( Weekly Photo Challenge – Fresh… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia on the Brain

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Weekly Photo Challenge-Delicate Outside And Strength Inside

There are things in this world which we take for granted as being delicate. There are the clouds in the sky which are diaphanous looking on a beautiful sunny day. Yet when the skies become angry the clouds can turn dark and brooding, no longer looking like the delicate wisp of cotton balls in the sky. Beautiful geese roams the river banks in Amsterdam. Their “oh so white” downy feathers bring to mind, being wrapped in down comforters, on  cozy days and nights. However, nature has a resiliency that is endowed for the survival of the… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal Of Life, Perceptions, And Joys

This weeks photo challenge looks to be one where many perspectives will be in place. I find it fun to see how people react to different photos. Some see art, hope, life, or sometimes there is an instant connection. What do you see in my photos of renewal? Speak out and let’s hear your voice. “Things are always better in the morning.” ― Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird “And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry Of Life Where You Least Expect It

Geometry the building blocks of life. I see it everywhere especially in the architecture of buildings. Angles, circles, points, and lines (intersecting, perpendicular-man these lines can get crazy) are really nothing alone. But together they can become something magnificent. Here are some magnificent examples of geometry.

Weekly Photo Challenge:Foreign-Livorno, Italy

Livorno, Italy sits on the coastline with easy access to the Tuscany countryside. Take an easy train trip to explore the Pisa or explore Florence, Italy. Livorno was the stomping ground of the Medici family and had an important part in Italian Renaissance . Today you can walk through the city and enjoy the sights of the shops aligning the streets. Or you can sit outside a cafe and enjoy an Italien beer or an ice cold gelato. Buon Appetito! Canals every where. Related articles Livorno delle Nazioni at RSA 2012, Washington DC… Read More

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