The Journey Home: Halloween German Style

Happy Halloween

Ever since Halloween was introduced to Germany in 1994 by a German businessman, Halloween has become a $245 billion business. Pretty good, for a holiday that isn’t traditionally European.

Yep, my last year here I was going to dress up for Halloween. I have had other Halloweens here but I never dressed up.  I usually end up with my husband and I passing out candy for the little German children who exclaimed, “Streich oder Süßigkeit” (“trick or candy”-the closet translation of American’s “trick or treat“). The children sometimes also say, “Süßes oder Saures”, which means sweets or sours.

Zombie Demon Queen was my specialty for the night.

This year I decided to head out on the town. My costume of choice? Why the ever so popular zombie, of course. My Journey Home series usually tells my story through words, but this time I will let the photographs speak for themselves. Just know that as in the US Halloween is a fun time. A time to be whatever and whoever you want to be without being judged. For a country who hasn’t embraced the theme of Halloween for too long, the German definitely readily adapt. Of course, the Germans always seem to find a way for everyone to enjoy time together and create lively memories. So without further ado, here are mine. Enjoy!

It was a good night and everyone was very excited to pose for pictures.


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