Weekly Photo Challenge:Foreign-Livorno, Italy

Who knew among these stately building and statues there would be a gem of a market within.

Livorno, Italy sits on the coastline with easy access to the Tuscany countryside. Take an easy train trip to explore the Pisa or explore Florence, Italy. Livorno was the stomping ground of the Medici family and had an important part in Italian Renaissance . Today you can walk through the city and enjoy the sights of the shops aligning the streets. Or you can sit outside a cafe and enjoy an Italien beer or an ice cold gelato. Buon Appetito!

From the outside the market looks as any other building. Inside is a respite from the hot blazing sun and a collection of goods for sale.

Canals every where.

Coniglio? Sold fresh in the market. What is it? You’ve got yourself some rabbit. 

Livorno indoor market sells everything from fresh veggies, rabbits, and household goods. 

More market…it’s loud and large like a family enjoying a great meal on Sunday.


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